Noah’s Pudding Program at BCC


The students of Broome Community College, Cisel akulah, Busra Sivaslioglu and Gulru Helvaci organized a fascinating Noah’s Pudding Program on Thursday 5th of February in Binghamton. The program was organized with the cooperation of ISO

(International Student Organization) of Broome Community College. There were a variety in the attendants of the program; Korean, Indian, Mexican, Pakistani and Turkish students as well as some of the professors of the BCC; Steven Natale and Tuong Hung Nguyen showed great interest to the program. The Turkish students of BCC presented the ESL Professor Steven Natale a small gift, the geographical and cultural beauty of Turkey as a gift who has a particular interest and knowledge of Turkey. There were Photography exhibition called “Time in Istanbul”, oil painting exhibition called “Old Istanbul” and paper marbling exhibition and a number of beautiful videos on Turkey’s five different regions in the program.



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